Project Discovery-Functional Requirements

This form helps us understand what your expectations and needs are from this project. Please be as comprehensive as you can.
  • New businesses often need special consideration. Please try and complete the questions below as best you can, but many may not pertain to you so feel free to skip them.
  • Organization or Product

    Provide an overview of the organization (company) or product that you would like promoted.
  • If you would like help promoting your organization or brand, please describe what you would like to promote here.
  • What is unique or exclusive about your product/service? Why do people choose your company above your competitors?
  • What are the goals of this project or how will you determine if it is successful? Examples might be: 1. Increased Sales 2. Improve Social Media Interactions by 20% 3. Improve specific target market by 100. Click the + sign to add additional goals.
  • What are the fundamental issues on the current website that need improvement? Where does it fall short? What are the issues with the current product promotion?
  • What do you think you have done right with your website? What features or functionality appear to be working?
  • Are you using any tools on your website or within your social media to measure your results? If so, list them below. The most common answer is google analytics.
  • If we can login and look at any tools you are using, like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc, this will help us provide you with a more effective and concise proposal.
  • Describe the desired look and feel for the new site / product and how what you want differs from what you have.
  • Please upload the style guide if you have one. (Optional) File size limit is 12MB. If your file is larger, please contact us.
  • List 3 Websites / Products that you like

    By giving us examples of product promotion or websites that you like, we can more accurately build a plan for you.
  • Enter a link to a product that you like the marketing for.
  • For Those Considering A New Website

  • If you have a current website, what platform is it created in? Examples might be: Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Drupal, etc
  • If you are not sure about what any of these items are, feel free to ask one of our team members.
  • If you indicated other custom features are desired, please describe them below.
  • If your website need to connect with other applications, explain that here. For example, if this is an ecommerce site you may want it to connect to Quickbooks. For marketing purposes, you may want it to connect to MailChimp. If you work in real estate, you may want it to connect to MLS system.
  • Project Guidelines

  • When would you like the project completed and live? (Answer with either a date or a number of days from start to completion.)
  • We can work with all budgets. Please do not feel that by asking for a budget amount, we will use that in any way other than to determine what tools we need to choose to meet your budget requirements. We would be happy to discuss this with you if you prefer.
  • Target Market (Your Audience)-B2C

    Who are you trying to reach? Think in terms of demographics. This section is if you are a B2C (Business to Client) Company.
  • Are you trying to reach primarily one gender?
  • You may choose all that apply.
  • Are you trying to reach individuals with a specific level of education?
  • Are you trying to reach individuals with a specific level of income? Choose Combined Household Income
  • What geographic area are you trying to reach?
  • Are there other attributes that we should consider in your target market? It may be things like Disabled, Medical Professional, Security Expert. The more specific we can get with our target, the better we can target. Click the + button to add more items to the list.
  • Target Market (Your Audience)-B2B

    Who are you trying to reach? Think in terms of demographics. This section is if you are a B2B (Business to Business Company)
  • In general, what level of revenue best represents the clients that you want to reach?
  • What geographic area are you trying to reach?
  • User Experience

    Wether you are trying to reach individuals or businesses, it will be a human being doing the research on the web. Help us understand the level of the experience you believe your users will have with the web.
  • What level of experience and comfort do you think those you are trying to reach will have with the web?
  • Do you think your audience will be more comfortable with the web or with mobile?
  • Would you like to consider the ability to capture information on your site visitors so that you can "profile" or capture information about them so that you can deliver content to them that is based off their profile? Example: Young mother would receive information on diapers, baby food, etc not retirement insurance.
  • When a visitor from your target audience arrives at the site, what primary brand attributes should be conveyed? What do you most want them to know? Or what do you think they most want to know?
  • When a visitor from your target audience arrives at the site, what primary action do you want them to take? Examples: Complete a Form, Buy A Product, Volunteer, Donate....
  • What should visitors to your site come away with? Knowledge / Education / Confidence / Brand Awareness / Feeling of Loyalty or Hope
  • The Team

    Tell us a little about who we will be working with?

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We know it may have seemed daunting and we tried to make it as painless as possible. By filling out this form, you will receive the kind of proposal that will address your names and completely as possible without us coming to live with you for a while! Look to hear back from us soon!
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